About Us

Wallpaper installation NYC is a wallpaper contractor with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of wallpapering and painting.our company has earned the respect of many designers, contractors and customers throughout NYC. All jobs are done by Adil Semri and the master-paper hanging team. Adil is a highly skilled wallpaper installer with an amazing eye for detail and a friendly personality. Our reputation for excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship has earned us an extensive client base.

We have experience with all types of wall coverings used in today’s market such as Grass-clothes, fabrics, foils, murals, hand- made, trimmed, untrimmed, vintage, English wallpaper, gold leafs etc.

These specialty papers are unique, expensive and require an experienced installer. If you want to be assured of a job well done the first time around, please give us a call. Our goal is to provide our customers with top notch quality work, fair pricing and a unique experience.

Ready to have your wallpaper installed by New York’s master paper hangers?