Wallpaper Installation & Removal in New York

Wallpaper Installation & Removal in New York

We specialize in all types of wallpaper installation services including English papers, grass- cloth wallpaper, fabrics, untrimmed wallpaper, murals, self stick, pre-pasted, maps, foils, hand- made wallpaper, vintage etc.

After years of experience and countless installations throughout NYC, we have honed our skills and developed an exceptional eye for detail. Therefore, we Guarantee our customers satisfaction with every installation. Wallpaper installation NYC uses high quality primers and wallpaper adhesives in order to achieve professional results every time. When you hire us, we always take the proper care of your space, so we make sure to cover all your furnishings and floors. At the end of every installation, we make sure to put back all your furnishing as as it was before.

Our installation includes a complete wall preparation and application of R-35 primer, to ensure proper bonding between the wallpaper adhesive and the primer.

Please check out these wallpaper brands:

  • Osbourne & little
  • Phillip Jeffries
  • Nina Campbell
  • Zoffany
  • York
  • Brewster
  • Mirage Wallpaper
  • Chesapeake

When removing wallpaper, we make sure to cover floors to prevent water from getting on the floors. We use hot water and non-toxic products to aid in the removal process. After the removal is done, we use hot water to clean the walls from any old adhesive leaving the walls ready for refinishing. We do not take short cuts that can lead to problems down the road. We stand by our work and make sure you are satisfied. Contact us today to get started!

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